Palmer Home/Hope Reins Riding Program



*The Columbus location is moving to Hernando, MS. The Hope Reins program will not be running upon its opening* The Palmer Home Hope Reins Riding Program encourages mental and physical development of individuals through equine-assisted activities, promoting the faith and love of Christ through horses. The vision of the program is to stimulate compassion in the children of Palmer Home through equine-assisted outreach to special needs children, linking the bond with horses to the ever-present love of Christ. We believe persons of any ability can develop the skills to become an accomplished rider and horseman if given the opportunity. Horses can sense a personâs strengths and weaknesses, even disabilities that a person might have. Because of this sixth sense, horses are therapeutic by helping individuals overcome fears, build self-esteem, stimulate intellectual function, and inspire confidence. From a physical standpoint, a riding program can increase mobility, posture, and balance. The overall goal is to capture this gift and give the riders a great sense of accomplishment in their riding skills and horse-handling abilities. Day One students may also be working with Palmer Home children who are either volunteering with the therapeutic riding program or taking horse-riding lessons themselves.

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