Starkville Strong



Who We Are:

We are a group of volunteers whose mission is to provide immediate relief to Starkville residents.  We have no red tape and this means 100% of our funds and donations go directly to our efforts to provide resources and relief to our community.

If it’s within our means and our ability, we will do our best to make it happen.  We work closely with nonprofits, organizations and groups to fill in the gaps to make sure we provide as much support as possible. If you haven’t heard about Starkville Strong, you can find out about us on social media.  Starkville Strong
Facebook Group, Instagram: wearestarkvillestrong, Twitter: StarkvilleStro1. 

We provide miscellaneous items and services that help give immediate relief or better circumstances concerning:

  1. Job searching and opportunities

  2. Food insecurity

  3. Clothing

  4. Transportation

  5. Temporary housing

  6. Transitional housing

  7. Permanent housing

  8. Living conditions

  9. Financial Literacy

  10. Education

  11. Health

  12. Hygiene

  13. Other needs that don’t fit the categories above are decided on after they are discussed and are done so on a case by case basis 


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