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Christian World Missions/Global Care Link is an outreach ministry founded by Cecil Williamson and headquartered in Starkville since 1971. For the first 40 years of the ministry, our focus was church renewal in the U.S. and starting new churches internationally. We have worked in more than 2000 churches in the U.S., and have helped to establish more than 1,500 new churches worldwide. In 2011, when Lee Ann Williamson, Cecilâs daughter, took leadership, we began to turn our attention to the local community, as well. The CWM Outreach Center is located in North Central Starkville and is surrounded by low income neighborhoods, where many social and economic challenges prevail. We believe that through personal relationships and helping people understand who they are in Christ, many people will break out of poverty and embrace a new vision for their future. Since the successful completion of our first summer camp for mid-high students in 2015, we have established an on-going program for mid-high students and their families. Our goals are to increase financial stability, build healthy relationships, excel in academics, practice healthy lifestyle choices in diet and exercise, commit to community service, and grow in personal character. We accomplish these goals by organizing and engaging in community service projects, and working with them on school projects and difficult academic subjects.
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