Bully's Pantry


In a Fall 2020 survey, 29% of college students reported experiencing food insecurity in one month.  Bully’s Pantry is a collaborative effort of the MSU Division of Student Affairs and the Student Association to assist in meeting the basic needs of students who may be experiencing food insecurity at Mississippi State. As part of the MSU Food Security Network, a broader initiative to meet the basic needs of students, Bully’s Pantry provides nutritious food, toiletries, and other necessary items to current Mississippi State students.

Bully’s Pantry has made a significant impact on MSU students by providing food and necessities when they need it most. Through this program, Mississippi State can lessen the financial stressors some students face daily, allowing them to focus on the important goal of attaining their college degree.

At Mississippi State, we are a family, and Bully’s Pantry is just another way we are taking care of one another. Hail State!

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